Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dave Navarro, tattoos, and the importance of staying true to your readers.

Dave Navarro wants more zombies.

Me too. I love zombie flicks and books, and if you watch The Walking Dead on AMC, like me, you probably watched the after show, Talking Dead.  Because can you ever get enough of walking dead people, really?  

On the after show, Rocker Dave Navarro was in the guest love seat, and I mean really, this guy is amazing; the hair, the clothes . . . the eyebrows!  But he's one of us. During the show, Navaro told the producer he'd like to see the show return to basics.  On our behalf, the vocally challenged and less tattooed viewer, Navarro became our delegate, and asked for more zombies.

Long live Navarro.

Navarro commented, whilst looking quite amazing in his rocker snap pants and Roman numeral knuckle tattoos,  that he found the pre-season series engaging, but mundane, the plot focused on the living and healing, their relationships. Dave said the producers forgot we tuned in to see walking dead people. The zombie sightings dried up. Shriveled. Left on the side of the road by Lori's smashed up Taurus.

Navarro was not pleased, and he let the producer know. 

And you know? Navarro's 's right.  I notice this divergence in many popular fiction sequels: in companion titles, often authors get caught up in personal subplots, whether it's narcissistic self-grieving for MIA vampires, or not returning quickly enough to the arena. As writers, we need to remember what's important.  Zombies. Vampires. Giving our readers the fix.

And, yes, more zombies.