Monday, October 26, 2009


One of the vessels featured in my novel Webbed is a 1965 Riva Aquarama -- a pristine example will go for over a half million dollars, even in today's market -- just try and find one! Crafted and polished of mahogany and teak, they were made by the Riva family of Italy. The Rivas still makes larger motor yachts today. The Riva Superaquarama, aka the Super, was a favorite of celebrities over the world, including the sultry Brigitte Bardot. It was also favored by the Shah of Iran. Yes, that guy. One can dream, can't one? I mean, isn't that what fiction is all about? I have to admit I am a purist, my Riva would be fashioned with the original cyan and white cushions in the back playpen, just like Brigi's, n'est pas?

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