Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Learning Voice

As an unpublished writer I read a lot, though I understand a lot of published writers can read :) the onus is on the unproven ones to improve, perfect . . . publish. Ahhh . . . Voice, the resonance of a writer that makes the gentle reader see, understand, reflect. It is up to the writer to reach inside onself and pull out that feeling, open it up big and wide, that big cavernous pit into which the reader will fall and forget that there is H1N1 at school and laundry to fold. It is capitalized because I see it as a crater on the moon, an echo in an abandoned boat house -- waves bouncing against the splintered teak. Many writers relay they reach for music for inspiration, I reach for a book, a good one. Stephen, Anna, Maggie - - Voice, give me Voice.

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